19 01 04



I was born in Poland, where I spent most of my life until love drove me to England. I currently divide my time between the two countries, a financier and business owner by day, a poet and novelist by night. In my free time, I go for long walks in the park and enjoy fruit teas while learning about human psychology, but mostly, I love disappearing into the poetic world. 

My journey to becoming an author started with my personal life experience, which I shared with the world in an effort to spread hope that love always wins, even when it feels like everything is collapsing around us.



Sometimes I am wrapped in silence and wander into the unknown.
Sometimes it's hard to follow me or to find me.
Sometimes I sleep, work or simply I am not there.
Sometimes you can only see me for a moment.
Sometimes I leave a trace, to be able to follow me.
Just like now…