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A date – a museum exhibit.


We live in a world that changes daily. New creations are emerging to replace the old order. One such change is in dating, which used to allow people to get to know each other.

The couple used to spend time together. They would go to the cinema, for a walk in the park or to a restaurant to eat dinner and talk. Some went to a club to dance, or read books together, listened to music, talked to each other, exchanged views, and sometimes, when they knew each other better, they planned to explore the world together.

Today, a date has taken on a new dimension and nomenclature. The word “sex” has been added to it. People today don’t know themselves, only their bodies, which they use as toys to relieve themselves. The only music they listen to is their own sounds, at the end of which a convulsive howl concludes their meeting. They dress and leave without knowing each other’s names sometimes. Why would they know them when someone else will be there tomorrow. It becomes their daily need, like food and excretion, and sometimes like an addiction in which they lose themselves endlessly.

So recently the world has been plunged into fear, chaos and visions of death. A virus came to us, the existence of which some did not want to believe. However, in all his cruelty, he gave singles around the world a rather unique gift. He uncovered the veil of truth, unknowingly exposing their relationships. They no longer had to search social media to find out more about the person they had met or were about to meet. It was enough to go out into the street. Hordes of chin-maskers appeared, who in a rather original way showed what the relationship with them would look like. Those who saw it in time were able to evacuate. A small gift was waiting for the others – Covid-19.

I wonder whether maybe, in some time, when all values have disappeared completely, someone will open a museum for them. It will be filled with exhibits from ancient times, which, illuminated in glass cases, will remind us of what we have lost.