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A fairy tale spell into reality.


Guys, you reacted quickly to my last post. Your ingenuity and creativity know no bounds, which warmed my heart.

Each of us is a different microscopic element of the universe. This makes each of us unique and incomparable. Your emails to me prove it. Lost in curiosity, I've been watching where this leads you, and I'm very impressed. In my last post you found elements from your life. Unfulfilled plans, difficult choices, illnesses, heartbreaks, and even the loss of a loved one. Sometimes dreams that are hard to realize or are still in the process of being realized. It was also about giving up and being alone, which was very touching for me.

I will not tell you how to understand my post. What direction was he going and what was he supposed to convey? Its message is yours alone. I leave you free to interpret it, without giving any direction. You have already found your unique story in it that touches the limits of emotion. I am honoured and grateful that you have placed your trust in me by sharing your stories. Thank you.

Bad weather turns good just by opening a zipper