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A key.


In your letters, you often write about the difficulty of finding love and the right person to go through life with. This has provoked me to share a certain key that I hope will be helpful.

Today's world is very aggressive in consumption and selfishness. Everyone wants to satisfy their desires quickly and easily without looking at the needs of others. This requires you to be vigilant and understand the signs you see. This is no magic trick. Most people openly communicate what they want or are looking for by writing it on their profiles. You just need to look at it more closely, and when you start to notice it, you will be able to protect yourself from bad decisions.

Here are five basic examples from dating apps:

  1. Chat, Dates, Friends, Relationships, Hook-ups – if all the options are listed, it should already give you the red light that this man is not looking for a relationship. This can be likened to a cosmetic that is supposed to work on everything; if it works on everything, it works on nothing.
  2. For fun – don't delude yourself into thinking that sleeping with him will cause passionate feelings to break out between you. Yes, the guy may fall in love with your body, which will give him pleasure, but after a while, boredom will come, and he will look for someone else.
  3. Only a photo without a description – a clear message that I have nothing to offer you except what you see. You take it or you leave it. The decision is yours to make.
  4. A man from the gym – a narcissist in love with his own body who spends all his free time working out. It is possible to take care of fitness without flaunting it in photos. Modesty is the wealth of the soul.
  5. An open relationship – a creation that denies the relationship and even ridicules it.

Until you understand that a relationship is not solely based on sex, your relationship will fail sooner or later. Why? Because you have yet to find the time to build the foundations of a strong relationship based on affection and trust. You have only focused on momentary pleasure, which is not enough.

You don't have to believe me, but you can do a little experiment that might help you understand this. Choose your favourite sweet (chocolate, cake, jelly beans, ice cream, or whatever you like) and eat it daily instead of lunch. Eat enough to satisfy the craving you feel while eating it. I leave your thoughts after this experiment for you. Good luck.


A delicious plate of a large selection of treats chips and chocolates