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This will not be a ready-made template on which you can base your everyday lives. I will share with you my thoughts about the time after a breakup. Some thoughts will match yours, and some will not. This is normal because each of us is a different diamond in the rough.

When we are left alone, it is a sign that our chosen path is not for us. We hide in the darkness, full of pain and despair. Then the universe appears, takes us by the hand and leads us to the waiting room, where we will be prepared for a new path. This is a time to calm down, draw conclusions and clear away the rubble of the past. This process teaches us to like ourselves and discover new things and talents we did not know about. It will make you gain a new friend – yourself.

There's one thing you'll never know: how long it will take. It may be months or even long years. That's why it's important to fill this time with passions or activities you didn't have time for before. It can be anything that will distract you from the sadness that won't let you go.

For me, a new stage is like moving into and furnishing a new flat. I change wallpaper, furniture and decorations, let in light and make room for something new. When I lose myself in this, the feeling of emptiness disappears, and my changes surprise me. I think it is a bad idea to immediately look for someone new, the so-called wedge that will fill the void. Why? I will answer this with an example.

We ski down the snow-covered slope. Halfway there, one of our skis detaches, and we fall, breaking our leg in three places. They take us to the hospital, and we demand to leave because we want to ski down another snowy slope.

It's precisely the same after a breakup. We need time for recovery to help us prepare for the next run in the sun, touching the wind, dancing until dawn, laughing until we lose our breath, crying with emotion and making new mistakes as well as repeating some of those that we’ve already made.