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During this time filled with shopping, preparing delicious dishes, decorating the Christmas tree and decorating houses, I leave good wishes for you.

I wish you a warm kiss that will wake you up for breakfast on Christmas morning. In pyjamas with reindeer or Santa Claus, surrounded by magic, you will eat breakfast together, unconsciously leaving a trace of cocoa in the corner of your mouth. Then, hugging each other, surrounded by the thousand colours of the sparkling Christmas tree, you will hum your favourite Christmas songs. In the evening filled with kisses, you will pamper yourselves with gifts that bring you a lot of joy, and then you will fall asleep cuddled together, hearing only your heartbeats.

I wish you endless love and unique magical moments that will stay with you forever.

With love,
James Ally


Image of luxury New Year gifts, different present boxes under Christmas tree in holiday eve, Christmastime celebration, home decorated with festive shiny balls, magic x-mas night