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FINGERNAILS – these are excellent exercises.


Warning: We do not prepare bowls of crisps or drinks. The film requires attention and deep engagement with what you are watching. Talking during the screening is not permitted!

Seeing the announcement for the new film FINGERNAILS on Apple TV today, I thought it would be another warped picture of love. How would it be debased and reduced solely to consumption this time? However, this was not the case, which surprised me greatly. Every minute revealed the subtle and unique charm of real-life struggles with feelings and the desire to explore them. I kept turning my head away as they inflicted pain on themselves to test compliance with the test, and a nagging question came over me: would I be able to do it? I tolerate physical pain poorly, but if I were in love, I would probably want to test it. Why didn't they get anaesthesia? Maybe that's also part of the experiment?

Gays, you send me many requests for helpful examples to break out of your daily routine and do something together. The exercises in the film are the answer and refer in part to my post The Truth About Butterflies. I strongly encourage you to try them, though one thing I don't think I would do is skydive – I have a fear of heights. It would be the same for me as it was for that boy in the film :)

I strongly encourage you to watch this film, and of course, as always, I look forward to your thoughts afterwards. Take care.


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