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For me to share my understanding of the concept of friendship, we must start by sketching it out.

This mysterious phenomenon is born in our hearts. It is the foundation of trust and loyalty, the core building block of understanding, sincerity, caring, help in times of need and acceptance of common faults, as well as a feeling that is selfless, sincere and innocent. It has no definite beginning or end, but it does have one significant difference separating it from love that most people forget. It has no desire.

Often, you may come across the word ‘friendship’ mixed with a whole list of guidelines on dating profiles. From outward appearance to character traits and sexual preference. This should already switch on a red light in your head and be a warning against making such a friendship. The person is describing very honestly and accurately what the toy they want to play with should look like.

Friendship is never a set of guidelines you are expected to follow. It doesn't work like that, and if anyone tries to tell you it does, they have a big problem. Friendship is born spontaneously, like love, occupying an essential place in our hearts. He is not guided by appearance, skin colour, religion, orientation or wallet size. He appears suddenly, and you feel you have gained a soulmate with whom you will traverse the world.

Of course, friendship can turn into love, attracting desire by offering you a whole new relation. Deeper and more intimate. However, if you break up, you will never return to how you were before. This is impossible because sex takes away every friendship. After a breakup, you can create something resembling a friendship, and it is possible, but you will never be friends like before. You will always be referred to as their ex.

I hope I have answered your questions on this complicated topic. I wish you a lot of friendship and this one true love.


Sketch illustration of two hands holding each other strongly