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My penultimate post aroused a lot of emotions in you, which you shared with me in e-mails, for which I thank you very much.

Mostly, the theme of love and questions about it were repeated. First let me clarify that I am not an expert on love and these are just my views, with which others may disagree. However, provoked by your questions, I decided to share with you my thoughts on the subject.

In my opinion, there are no types of love; it is the same for everyone. People, animals and nature are equally loved. It is people who give it types so that they can justify themselves. The only difference is its intensity. When we are young, the intensity is at its highest, and it changes with age – but that does not mean that it disappears. It just becomes more patient and calmer.

Another thing about love is people, which we can divide into two main groups. The first are people who can't love because no one taught them, didn't show them what love looks like. They unknowingly hurt others, sometimes only satisfying lust. The second group are people who are afraid of love. Love once touched them and hurt them a lot. They run from it and hide so it never hurts again. It is clear. Nobody wants to suffer.

But isn't love beautiful when you feel the warmth in your heart and the flutter of butterflies in your stomach? Don't you get a warm shiver as he whispers in your ear and places a warm kiss on your lips? In my opinion, it is better to experience even a small moment of love than go a whole life without it.


The girl frees the butterfly from the jar, golden blue moment Concept of freedom