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When the decision was made that an animal would appear in the house, I was dying of fear. I was afraid that I would fail and make too many mistakes. I greedily studied books and watched videos about cats, but this only increased my anxiety.

She was a month and a half old when she tentatively set paw in my house, scared. She walked around the living room and hid behind the sofa. I went over and tried to peer into the dark hole. She didn't move, and I couldn’t even hear her breathing. I waited for her to decide when she would leave, but she didn't. In the night I was awakened by her gentle crying. I jumped out of bed and ran to her. I sat on the floor in front of the sofa and began to say in a calm voice that she was safe and had nothing to fear. Hearing me, she fell silent, but still did not leave.

In the morning I went back to the living room again. I lay down on the floor some distance from the hole where she had hidden. I started telling her not to be afraid and to come to me because I would love to meet her and hug her. She surprised me when I saw her little head poking out of the darkness and her frightened eyes staring at me. She was shaking. She took small, hesitant steps towards me. I watched her approach, lying motionless on the floor. Soon she was in my face. She brought her nose close and sniffed me. I moved my hand then, wanting to pet her, but she got scared and ran away, hiding back behind the sofa. This situation repeated itself several more times before the fear subsided, but almost immediately afterwards, love filled our hearts. We became inseparable. I showed her the world, new smells and tastes. In the park, she sat with me by the pond, staring at the ducks.

Lost in each other's presence, we didn't notice how the seasons changed outside the window. Luna grew up so fast. I remember when I caught the flu last autumn. She never let me out of her sight for a moment. She lay down on my chest and touched my neck with her paw, keeping watch, purring softly. I fell asleep listening to her lullaby.

She accompanies me every day in everything I do. When I come home with groceries and put them by the door, she goes through my bags as if checking whether I bought everything. When I assembled the new bed, she sat close to me and watched my every move. I looked at her and her curious eyes, which brought a smile to my face. If she could have, she'd have handed me a screwdriver. When I took the garbage out, I told her that I would be right back, and after returning, she made a little fuss over me for leaving her alone. I laughed then and said to her: “But why these nerves? I only left for a while.”

Today I cannot imagine that Luna could not be in my life. It is a crystal love that has completely taken over my heart forever.