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Once upon a time.


Today I have an unusual fairy tale that I’d like you to think about and discuss. I'm very curious to hear your thoughts.

Once upon a time, a day awoke, touched by the sun's rays. The melodic whisper of the wind wrapped his shawl around him, and they exchanged mute, warm glances. A day touched by dreams rushed ahead like a child hungry for fun. Lost in constant euphoria, he passed the time, which bitterly watched him, nodding its head. He alone knew…

In the evening, with a tousled fringe and an open mouth, he fell asleep, falling into a deep slumber. He dreamed more dreams than he would remember after waking up. His happiness was noticed even by the stars that winked at him, and the moon toned down its glow.

One evening, time knocked on the day’s door. They talked for a long time before the day went to bed. About what? We'll never know, but since then, the day hasn't got out of bed. His joy faded like the flame of a burned-out candle. He holed up at home and stopped coming out. His friend the evening decided to help him. He took his place, and no one saw the day again. In the existence of darkness, the day was forgotten – how he would wake up touched by the rays of the sun and rush euphorically ahead regardless of time.

 Silhouette in a subway tunnel. Light at End of Tunnel