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Q&A 3 - Private questions.


Today, I am fulfilling a request and answering your private questions.



1. What do you usually do in your spare time?

Because I love autumn, and it has just arrived, I go for walks in the park, watching it prepare for its winter sleep. I like to curl up in a blanket with hot cocoa on winter weekends and catch up on movies. I get together with friends, we go out to eat, or we cook together. Furthermore, I answer your emails, work out plans for new books and read, and I’m currently renovating the living room.



2. If someone wanted to invite you to dinner, what would they have to say for you to accept the invitation?

I won't give you ready-made instructions because that would be like taking a shortcut. Firstly, you have to be yourself and not pretend anything. I will notice, that's for sure. Secondly, it wouldn’t be easy, because I now live in Poland :)



3. What do you not tolerate in a relationship?

I don't tolerate a lack of partnership; it's all about everyday life. Either we overcome it together or it doesn't make sense. I cannot accept sexaholism, vulgarity, violence, alcohol abuse, drug abuse or infidelity. A relationship should be based on respect and love, and the examples given above have nothing to do with this.



4. What do you like and dislike eating?

Most of you know I am vegetarian. I don't like a few things, but the most, spicy food, vinegar and dark chocolate. On the other hand, I love pizza and salads of all kinds. I love jellies, but I am currently on a sweets detox.



5. What film can you watch many times without getting bored with it?

I have quite a few such films; I probably couldn't fit them all here, so I'll just mention a few:
- What Dreams May Come
- Maleficent
- Avatar
- City of Angels
- Redwoods


6. What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to a variety of music depending on what catches my ear. I’ll put a screenshot of some of my playlists below. You can search for these tracks.




7. What was your worst date ever?

Once, my friends organized a blind date for me. I didn't know him; he only knew me from their stories. I remember it was cold. Cold, I waited in the city centre outside the entrance to a café. He arrived punctually at the appointed time, which was a plus because I like punctuality. When he turned up and said hello, I even thought he was cool. We ordered two ginger teas to warm up and started talking. The topics came up one after the other, and it was gratifying. After half an hour, he looked at his watch, put his hand on my arm and said:
      ‘Are we going to your place or mine? Because we both know very well that this is how it will end. Let's not waste any more time.’
For a moment, I felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water over me.
      ‘You're absolutely right.’ I looked at him with disappointment. ‘We have just wasted…’
I didn't have time to finish because he had just got up with satisfaction on his face, put on his jacket, and was waiting for me.
      ‘Are we going?’
      ‘Yes.’ I put on my jacket and walked over to him. ‘It was nice to meet you. Take care.’ I held out my hand.
      ‘I thought we understood each other.’
      ‘That's what I thought, too.’
When I left the café, I felt terrible and never agreed to a blind date again.



8. What are your dreams?

I had four dreams. Because they are very private, I cannot share them. Three of them I have fulfilled. It was not easy and took a long time. I almost feel fulfilled. Almost, because there is still one left that I cannot achieve myself. I’ll have to wait patiently and hope the universe will help me.


Holandia.png Cor 

9. What are you most afraid of?

I am terrified of thunderstorms with lightning bolts appearing in the sky; I feel they are about to invade my house. I don't go near the windows then. Snakes and spiders are another fear of mine. The sight of them makes me unable to move.


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10. What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

When I was a teenager, my neighbour – a scary lady – told me something I remember to this day:

People will always let you down, criticize, pull you down and rob you of the joy of even the most minor things. They will be people close to you as well as strangers. They will make you become like them. Don't let them. Decide for yourself where you want to go. Remember my words. You decide for yourself, not them.

At the time, I did not understand what she said. Today, with hindsight and experience, I know what she was trying to protect me from.