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From the questions sent from you, I have selected ten. More answers will be published in the next round of Q&A. Many thanks to everyone who submitted questions.

wp2175488.png 1. Why didn't Tom leave Chris after cheating?

Sometimes love makes us want to forgive. We want to understand this fight and win it. However, when Tom was left alone without Chris's support, he got lost.
He couldn't find his way back, and then the universe extended a helping hand to him.

flag-of-Norway.jpg 2. When describing meetings with a therapist, did you draw inspiration from your own experiences?

Yes, I went to therapy and drew inspiration from it for my novel.
I sincerely recommend it to all who are undecided - there is nothing to be afraid of.
It's a great experience that opens your mind to seeing yourself on the other side. You are then able to find what has been lost. 

Vito png-clipart-flag-of-spain-spanish-language-education-english-translation-spain-flag-miscellaneous-flag.png3.  What was the hardest thing to write in the novel?

Lucas was by far the hardest character to write about. There were times when I had to stop and wait a few days before coming back to the scene.
However, some scenes, despite the break, were still very painful for me and I knew that waiting would not help me. I had to face it.

Sean Canada-Flag-Transparent.png4.  Can you tell us about your inspiration for "Gate D5" and what themes or messages you hope readers will take away from the story?

The inspiration to write GATE D5 was my life. I shared my own experiences with readers.
Of course, not everything was true. Some facts and events have been changed for this novel.
By telling my own story, I wanted to show that a true understanding of souls exists.
Love visits us when we forget about it and lose hope.
Then it appears out of nowhere, taking us in its arms, and we feel this penetrating warmth.
I wish for you all to feel this wonderful warmth in your heart.

Seth Australia-Flag-26.jpg5.  Tom has been through a lot, will he be happy in the second part?

I can't reveal all the details because the sequel would become uninteresting. However, I can let you in on the secret that Tom will have to face a new reality that he was unaware of. A new character will appear who will bring a lot to the novel. I hope you'll like it, and we'll be able to talk about it together soon.

Gunter germany-flag-1444039.jpg6. In the dedication to Lucas, you wrote that you kept a promise. Can you tell what the promise is?

After finishing the rough manuscript, I decided to lock it away in a drawer so that it would never come to light. My friend Lucas read it, and just before he died he asked me to promise him that I would show our story to the world. I couldn't do it for half a year, until I finally pulled myself together and released GATE D5 on Amazon on June 1, fulfilling my promise.

Richard 4nTB8pkiA.png7.  Can you tell us a bit about your Gate D5 writing process?

It started on the plane, right after meeting Lucas. I can't explain it exactly, but the thoughts were intensely crowded in my head. I took out my notebook and started writing them down. A longer story came out and I wanted to stop there. But afterwards, everyone who read them both said exactly the same thing: this story deserved more. I was surprised by the unanimity of the readers and thought they were right. Locked in silent hours, I spent months writing out each week of Tom's therapy, and that's how my novel was born.

Naoki 8267217.jpg8.  I'm writing my book and sometimes after writing a few pages I can't move on. The lockdown comes.
Do you have any advice for that? Have you had the same?

This is quite normal and happens to all writers to varying degrees. Of course, I also had creative blocks while writing the novel.
However, they did not last long. I used this time to edit the chapters I had written.
I listened to music, read books or watched movies. In a word, I was taking a break so that my thoughts could rest.
I can't say that it will work for you, because each of us has different stimuli that inspire our creativity.

Ellie 4nTB8pkiA.png9. What surprised you the most about your characters?

I think their independence and the strength with which they wanted to be noticed.
Sometimes I wanted to silence them, hide them for a while, but they always found a way to show themselves to the world and say: Hey, I'm here!

Dennis Flag_of_the_United_States_USA_Abali.ru_.png10. When exactly will the second part of the novel be released?

I can't give you an exact date yet. It depends on a lot of release factors, but I can safely say that it could be around August 2023.