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Q&A 2


Another edition of your questions.

Sean Canada-Flag-Transparent.png1. What has been the biggest challenge writing part 2 of Gate D5?

I think the biggest challenge was to go back to the story and continue it in a way that could have happened.
I didn't realize how much it would affect me. But I don't regret it, and I'm glad you'll be able to read the second part of my novel soon.

Steven Flag_of_the_United_States_USA_Abali.ru_.png
2. After reading the GATE D5 book, I thought it would be cool to see a movie based on your book. Have you thought about it?

It would be very exciting to see Gate D5's story in film. However, I'm afraid that with so many productions coming out each year, my story is hiding in the crowd. But the fact that you read my book and send me many nice messages is a great honour for me, for which I thank you very much.

3. When you write a book, do you plan the hours during the day, e.g., from eight in the morning to twelve?
Or do you sit down to write when you feel it's the right time?

In order to be able to answer this question accurately, I have to divide it into two stages. At first, when a new thought comes to me, sometimes provoked by a sound, an image or a situation, this is a signal to me that I must get down to writing immediately. If I ignore this signal, the thought will go away and I won't be able to reproduce it in my head anymore. However, when it comes to the idea that is being developed, yes, I can plan that, for example, I will finish it tomorrow morning or at lunchtime. I remember one particular moment while writing Gate D5. I started writing chapter ten in the afternoon and I got completely lost in time. I couldn't hear any external sounds. I hid in the hours and only the rising sun made me realize that I had lost a piece of time. Despite the surprise, it was a pleasant feeling.

4. What can we expect in the second part of the novel? Will we meet any new characters?

I can say it won't be easy. A hidden secret will come to light, which will completely turn our heroes' lives upside down. Harry will appear, and he will completely steal Tom's heart. That's all I can reveal. You’ll have to wait for more.

5. Do the places you describe in the three countries really exist or were they just invented for the novel?

Every place described in Poland, Amsterdam and the UK really exists. Only their cosmetic details have been changed for the sake of the book. If you ever visit these countries, you can easily find the places from the novel, and perhaps then you will feel more of the story you read. Which I wish for you with all my heart.

6. Any chance for more photos of your cat Luna?

Of course. I will write a post about her with some nice photos soon.

7. I have been going to therapy for a year, but my therapist is not like Tracy and I wish they were.
I think then I could open up completely. Mine is cold and raw. Should I find another therapist?

First, you should be honest with your therapist about this. I know it won't be easy, but it might help to solve the problem. If this does not happen, therapists usually organize non-committal meetings where both parties get to know each other and can decide whether they want to cooperate with each other. Of course, after such a meeting, it is not always known whether it will succeed. It takes time, but from what you've written, a year is a long time, and if you're still hesitant to open up then you definitely need to look for someone else. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, and I would be grateful if you could let me know whether you have succeeded.

Jeffrey Flag_of_the_United_States_USA_Abali.ru_.png
8. I love your poem that opens the book. Do you have more of them and can I read them somewhere?

Thank you. I wrote some, but they're in my native language and I haven't published them anywhere. The poem that opens Gate D5 has been translated by several people. I am not a specialist in the field of translating poems and I would be afraid that I would do it wrong. The second part of the novel will also open with a poem, but it will be the last one.
I have decided not to do that anymore. It is very difficult to translate poems into a foreign language.

. Are you going to write the next parts of GATE D5?

I must admit that I was thinking about it, but I have decided that the second part of Gate D5 will end the story.
Maybe in a while... who knows. Life likes to surprise us sometimes.

10. When did you start writing and have you always wanted to be an author?

My writing journey began in my childhood. Initially, I wrote short stories – there were quite a lot of them. I remember giving one to a friend at her request.
Perhaps she still has them today. Then, when I was a teenager, poetry unexpectedly knocked on my door.
I was sitting at a school desk at the time, and the words jostled to get out of my head. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, letting the words run free.
The next step was a long break. Lost in the rush of life, I forgot what made me happy, but then the universe decided to remind me, and that's how my novel Gate D5 was born.