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Q&A 4.


Another edition of your questions.

1. In the novel Gate D5, you avoid erotic scenes, which has been criticised. Why?

I believe that in the current world, love has been supplanted by sex in a very vulgar way. It has become the priority of the relationship rather than the complement to it. It is sex today that determines what happens next in a relationship. We can find it in almost every film or book. It demonstrates mechanical techniques for satisfying needs, which boils down to just one thing – porn. And yet, intimacy in a relationship is something special. It is a beautiful, romantic moment that completes love. It is a private journey together that should never be bare to the world. And until people understand that love comes first, their relationships will always be on the losing end. I never wanted my novel to become erotic, and that's why there are no descriptions of sexual acts in it. If someone needs that, well… what's imagination for?

2. Will the book Gate D5 be available in other languages?

Quite a few people have been asking about this. Today, I can confirm that the book will be published in Spanish. I am in the process of doing this.


3. You've published a book on Amazon. Have you ever thought about working with an agent or publishing house?

Before publishing the book on Amazon, I sent several emails to agents and publishers. However, when you’re waiting for an answer and none come, not even the ‘no, thank you’ type, you feel disregarded. I've looked through forums where people have written about agents, and they've mainly been unflattering reviews. Finding an agent who will believe in you and your book is difficult. So, I decided to publish the book myself without waiting any longer.

4. There is a notice on your website that a new book is coming out soon. Can you reveal what it will be?

I can only say that this book will be very different from Gate D5. It will be dark. Of course, it will not lack room for feelings, but they will be complicated and difficult.


5. Is Harry a real child? Does he exist? Or is he your own creation?

I can safely say that the fictional character was born of a real boy. He is not my child, although I wanted to have a son. Unfortunately, life circumstances did not allow me to be a parent. This void has been filled to some extent by Luna, my cat. :)


6. There has been strong criticism of the first part of GATE D5 from one reader; what do you think of it?

If the reader did not find the information he feels is missing and this upset him so much, he should read the book again, and he will undoubtedly find it. Understanding the author's message can sometimes be very difficult and frustrating. Nonetheless, I greet him warmly, and thank him for taking the time to read my book.


7. What was most challenging about writing the second part of GATE D5?

The hardest thing was to go back to Lucas's character, the real-life topics we talked about when he was still alive, which inspired the book's second part. Despite the passage of time, there is still pain in me. That's why I backed away from a third part of GATE D5. I believe that I should not continue the series.


8. Does the Hotel Washington, where Tom and Lucas met, really exist?

Yes, this hotel is real. It is located in the centre of Workington in the North of England, and I have visited it. Later, when I lived in its vicinity, I passed it regularly while shopping. To this day, it still reminds me of the beautiful times I spent in it. If you are ever in Workington, I heartily recommend this hotel. It has a swimming pool. :)


9. After reading the first part of GATE D5, I wondered where Rebecca's dislike of you came from. Is this just literary fiction?

The character of Rebecca is not fiction. I have often wondered why she doesn't like me, and although she tried very hard to hide it, she was unsuccessful. We had a conversation a long time ago that contributed nothing. I spoke, and she remained silent. I felt awful, as if, with silence, she was confirming that what I had noticed was true. I believe she had not experienced enough attention as a child and felt unappreciated and disadvantaged. She was jealous of her brother, that her parents had singled him out, which made her bitter. And although I realise that she will never change towards me, my heart will always be open to her despite everything.


10. I'm a fan of your blogs. I'm constantly checking to see if you've uploaded anything new yet.
The topics you cover in them make me feel less alienated. Where do you get your pertinent thoughts from?

Thank you for your kind words. I think life pouring experience into us gives birth to thoughts and insights that can help others. I share them with you by answering your questions. I am not an expert; I am just a man who has lived and experienced a lot. When describing a topic to you, I only present my point of view. I'm sorry I can't be on the blog more often now. Working on a new book is taking up my spare time. I hope that when it appears, it will make up for my absence.