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The task of the universe.


I believe that when we are born, another part of us comes into the world in a different, distant place. The universe entrusts us with the task of finding our other half. As we wander, we experience various feelings and emotions that sculpt our inner shape. We become warriors, traversing the world, searching for the fullness of happiness.

This expedition will only succeed for a few. These will be the individualists who firmly believe in the mission's success. The others, impatient, tired and frustrated, will opt for a half measure — a prosthesis to fill the void. Forgetful of happiness and glued to someone else's reality, they will be stuck in it forever. Of course, some prostheses will fit perfectly, creating the illusion of completeness. Others will make us uncomfortable or cause pain, ultimately contributing to their replacement.

The ambient whispers coming from everywhere will act to discourage you, and that is their plan. They will tell you to focus on the here and now by abandoning the task of the universe. Of course, you have every right to do so because you are the one who decides your life. It begs the question, is it worth sitting at someone else's table of schemes, artificiality and forced smiles, pretending that this is your life? To fall asleep in the evening with a sense of helplessness, wondering if completing the task of the universe was worth more than a lifetime in the conviction that you could do it?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to go further?

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