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This is a Halloween story.


This evening, the hulking wind tried to force its way into the flat, and raindrops frantically hit the window panes. My mother and my stepfather went to visit friends. I was happy about this because in the evening the film Dracula was going to be on TV, which I wanted to see. Although I am scared of horror films, curiosity usually wins out.

Just before the screening, I was already lying in bed. I turned on the TV, turned off the light and slipped under the duvet, putting the remote next to me. The vampire bites and gushing blood made me squint now and then, panting with fear.

As the film ended and the subtitles appeared on the screen, I put out my hand for the remote to turn off the TV. However, when I pressed the button and darkness filled the room, there was a shrill bang on the balcony. I immediately covered my head with the duvet. I was sure that was Dracula. My heart pounded like mad, and I repeated, over and over, “I didn't invite you; you can't come in here,” and I quickly fell asleep.

In the morning, I decided to check what had happened on the balcony. I opened the door and stepped uncertainly over the threshold. On the floor lay a clothes rack knocked over by the wind. I smiled to myself and thought: Sure! Dracula!

Laughing, I picked up the rack and leaned it against the wall. I turned to go back into the room but noticed something on the glass. I moved closer to look at it, and a cold shiver ran down my spine. There was a handprint on the glass.

Later that day, I put garlic on the windows and by the door. I thought it wouldn't do any harm.

Do you have any chilling stories? I can't wait to read them.