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Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, a day to remind us why we are together. Let's briefly go over where it came from.

Long ago, the Emperor of Rome Claudius II, at the instigation of his advisors, banned young men between the ages of 18 and 37 from marrying. In his view, single men were better soldiers, since feelings did not interfere with their bravery. St Valentine's bishop had a different opinion and broke this prohibition by secretly performing weddings, for which he was thrown into prison. There, he met the blind daughter of one of the guards, for whom he developed great affection. Legend has it that the love he bestowed on his chosen one caused the woman to regain her sight. This miracle was reported to the emperor, who became furious and ordered Valentine to be killed. The day before the execution, Walenty, wanting to say goodbye to his beloved, wrote a farewell letter to her, which he signed: ‘From your Valentine’. The next day, February 14, 269, he was executed.

This tragic story gave us a special day that is now celebrated all over the world. However, it will bring something different to everyone. For some, it will remind them of the birth of feelings that resulted in the fluttering of butterfly wings, the first touch and a kiss. To others who are lost in the everyday life, it offers the chance to find themselves anew. For the undecided, this is the time to take action, to send a specific sign or message to the person who evokes warmth in their heart. However, for single people, it will bring sadness and nostalgia due to the lack of their other half.

And what will it bring to you? I would like this day to offer you something unique and magical. Moments that you will remember for a long time. Love, shyly peeking out from behind the door and inviting you to wander together with a smile. This is what I wish for you on this special day.

With love,
James Ally


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